Linen Zone USA sources numerous products in China which you are able to buy from us and sell on Amazon, or even keep for your own use at home.

Of course we specialize in linens and you will find a high quality range of curtains, towels, bed sheets, duvet covers, tablecloths, blankets and more available to order.

For instance, if you are looking to sell thermal blackout curtains then our Nicole Collection is perfect or if you are looking for a stylish curtain that allows light in but still protects privacy then the Karina Collection is the way to go.

When you order products from us you have a huge choice of colors, sizes, shapes and more. In many instances we will be able to accommodate custom orders or work with you to find the exact product that you are after.

We add new products to our collection on a regular basis so be sure to check back regularly to make sure you don’t miss Amazon’s next best-selling linen product.


Solid Thermal Insulated Curtains, Premium Grommet Blackout Window Curtain Panels
Ideal for Ay Room or Bedroom – Premier Draperies and Curtains


Nicole – The Blackout Curtains of Your DreamsNicole – The Blackout Curtains of Your DreamsBuy Now

Our premium quality thermal insulated blackout curtains will help make sure that you have an excellent nights’ sleep night after night and reap the benefits in your day to day life.

Keep the Sunlight Outside!

While sunlight is vital to life, after a hard day at work or a long night shift, it can be extremely disruptive to rest and be a major contributing factor to sleep deprivation which has a huge number of adverse health effects.

Our premium blackout window curtain panels are made of 100% high quality, durable polyester that is not only thermal insulated but will also block out 99% of sunlight!

Furthermore, the window curtains are thick enough to help prevent loud noises being heard inside your house which makes them ideal for those who are light sleepers.

In other words, Nicole curtains are an excellent way to keep the outside world’s disturbances and distractions at bay and will help insure that you can enjoy every precious moment inside your home.

The Best Choice for Children’s Rooms

The Nicole thermal insulated curtains are also ideal for protecting children. Their smart design ensures that they don’t attract dust or mites to help keep babies and older children safe from dust exposure and allergies.

Money Saving Insulation

As the name suggests, our thermal insulated curtains are excellent at keeping rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter to help save your hard earned money and reduce electricity bills!

The Idea Choice For Every Home

The Nicole curtains are available in a large variety of sizes and colors to make sure that you can find the perfect curtain to complement your home decor. Furthermore, you can order a single curtain, a pair or however many you need!

Product Information

Product Dimensions 11 x 9 x 1.5 inches
Manufacturer Linen Zone


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Grommet Sheer Curtains – 2 Piece, Beautiful, Elegant, Natural Light Flow, High Quality Material Durable – For Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Kids Room, Kitchens and Everywhere Else


Buy NowGrommet Sheer CurtainsAchieve An Elegant Look In Any Room With Our Sheer Curtains

A high quality curtain makes a huge difference to the feel of a room and the impression people get as they enter. Curtains are a central decorative element and aside from their esthetic qualities they also have a huge effect on a room’s lighting. Our 2 piece, sheer curtains are a beautiful addition to any room and will help to create the perfect look for any elegant household.

Our curtains feature a 4” header and grommets with 1.5” openings (each curtain has 8 grommets). The curtains are 54” wide by 84” long.

Long-Lasting Style

Our stylish curtains can help to complete the look of any room and tie it together into a whole. Unlike low quality, easily damaged curtains, the Karina Collection is made from 100% sturdy polyester material to keep them looking new for far longer. As a result they will continue to keep your room looking fresh and elegant for a long time to come.

Beautiful Lighting, No Compromises

Unless you enjoy sitting in a poorly lit, moody room, a curtain is an excellent way to compromise between privacy and lighting. Our sheer curtains are designed to balance thickness and transparency. They allow plenty of natural light into a room while preventing those on the outside from looking in. This means that you can enjoy beautifully lit rooms with complete privacy and peace of mind.

Precise Measurements, Easy Cleaning

Our 2 piece curtains are long and wide enough to cover any type of window and their grommets are stylishly designed to ensure that they look great whether folded or stretched.

Of course all curtains need a clean from time to time and our curtains are machine washable allowing you to save time and money on professional cleaning. The material ensures that they won’t be damaged and will come out of the wash looking as good as new and ready to be immediately rehung.

Product Information

Size: 54″W x 84″L – Each Panel  |  Color: Beige

Product Dimensions 11.1 x 9.7 x 1.3 inches
Item Weight 1.2 pounds
Shipping Weight 1.2 pounds
Manufacturer Linen Zone


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Evelyn – Embossed Thermal Weaved Blackout Curtain With 6 Grommets – Room Darkening & Noise Reduction Fabric – Blocks up to 97% of Sunlight – Premium Draperies (Pair, 38″W x 84″L, Charcoal)


Buy NowEvelyn CollectionSTARTING TODAY: Enjoy The Best Sleep Of Your Life With Our Blackout Curtains! 

Grabbing a good night’s sleep is highly important to our health! And our premium thermal insulated blackout curtains will help you sleep like a baby!

The Curtains That Every Kid’s Room Needs 

Our premium thermal insulated curtains are also ideal for protecting your little ones!

Babies and small children can be disturbed at the slightest sound and wake up! Our curtains can help you offer your baby complete serenity so that they stay at peace and enjoy that much needed nap.

Get The Best Rest Possible And Enjoy Feeling Rejuvenated 

There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to get some much needed rest after a long and hard shift.

Our premium blackout window curtain panels are 100% made of high quality, durable Polyester that is thermal insulated and will keep 97% of sunlight outside your room.

Furthermore, our window curtains are a must have for light sleepers as they can greatly benefit from the noise blocking capabilities that will keep loud noises at bay.

Plus, these curtains can help make a positive difference in your household’s budget as they will keep your house warm during the winter and chill during the summer as you save up on heating/cooling costs!

The Ideal Choice For Every Home 

Our blackout curtains are the perfect choice that matches any home decor.

Every package contains an extra wide thermal room darkening grommet curtain panel. The embossed metal grommets fit up to a 1.5” decorative curtain rod and are easy to keep clean as they are machine washable.

Product Information

Size: 2 panels 38″W x 84″L  |  Color: Charcoal

Product Dimensions 11 x 9 x 1.5 inches
Item Weight 1 pounds
Shipping Weight 1 pounds
Manufacturer Linen Zone


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Maya – Premium Textured Thermal Weaved Heavy Duty Blackout Curtain By Linen Zone – Energy Efficient – Noise Reduction – Blocks 99.9 of Light & UV Rays (102 x 84, Charcoal)


Evelyn CollectionBuy Now

Afford Yourself An Elegant & Practical Home Décor Gift – This Quality Textured Thermal Weaved Blackout Curtain By Linen Zone!

Would you like to make a change in your house but you can’t spend a fortune?

Do you want a place to work or rest in that’s clear of sunlight during the day?

Are you looking for a window blackout panel that’s impressive, practical and yet, affordable?

If yes, then look no further! This beautifully designed heavy duty blackout curtain is just what you’re looking for!

Sleep Tight & Save On Your Heating & Cooling Costs

No matter how well you think you may be sleeping now, if you decide to use a triple thermal weaved curtain that is able to reduce up to 40% of outside noises, you will see that you sleep better than you could ever imagine!

Apart from creating a calm and quiet sleeping or working environment, this panel is also a cost reduction factors for your heating and cooling costs, due to the fact that it prevents heat or cool loss inside the room that it is in!

Refresh Your House Decoration

No one can deny that a new curtain refreshes the aura of any room. With an ideal size of 54 x 63 inches, you can hang this stylish curtain over your windows and immediately change the entire room atmosphere!

Durable Fabric & Excellent Construction

When you are selling in such a wide market, there is a handful of things that can make sure your clients will trust you; quality materials is one of them. Our premium quality 100% polyester thermal weaved heavy duty window cover is the proof that we don’t compromise our quality over quantity!

Product Information

Size: 2 panels 38″W x 84″L  |  Color: Charcoal

Product Dimensions 11 x 9 x 2 inches
Manufacturer Linen Zone


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Solid Thermal Insulated Curtains, Premium Grommet Blackout Window Curtain Panels
Ideal for Ay Room or Bedroom – Premier Draperies and Curtains


Jane collectionBuy Now

Give An Elegant Look To Any Room With Our Sheer Curtains

A quality curtain can make a real difference in any room. It’s the central decoration and controls lighting. We are sure our 2-panel sheer curtains will make a difference in your room.

Our curtains feature a 4’’ header, rod pockets of 1.5 inch openings, and each panel has 8 rod pockets. Each panel’s dimensions are 54’’ width by 84’’ length.

Long Lasting Style

Our stylish curtains will provide a decoration that will really bring any room together. Unlike cheap, easily damaged curtains though, our curtains are made of 100% sturdy polyester material. Their durability promises they will deliver elegance to your rooms for a long time indeed!

Beautiful Lighting, No Compromises

Unless you enjoy a moody, dark room, a curtain is a compromise between privacy and lighting. Our sheer curtains are designed with a balanced degree of thickness and transparency. They will allow natural light to fill a room, without allowing onlookers a view into your home. Enjoy beautifully lit rooms in a natural ambience.

Precise Coverage, Easy Cleaning

The length of our 2-pieces curtains is wide enough to cover any type of window. Their rod pocket design allows for a great appearance, whether folded or stretched.

When it’s time to wash them, you can save time and safely place them in the washing machine. Their material guarantees they will stay undamaged, and they will soon be refreshed and back to their rightful place by your window!

Product Information

Product Dimensions 11 x 9.5 x 1 inches
Item Weight 1.1 pounds
Shipping Weight 1.1 pounds
Manufacturer Linen Zone


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