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Nicole – The Blackout Curtains of Your DreamsNicole – The Blackout Curtains of Your Buy NowDreams

Our premium quality thermal insulated blackout curtains will help make sure that you have an excellent nights’ sleep night after night and reap the benefits in your day to day life.

Keep the Sunlight Outside!

While sunlight is vital to life, after a hard day at work or a long night shift, it can be extremely disruptive to rest and be a major contributing factor to sleep deprivation which has a huge number of adverse health effects.

Our premium blackout window curtain panels are made of 100% high quality, durable polyester that is not only thermal insulated but will also block out 99% of sunlight!

Furthermore, the window curtains are thick enough to help prevent loud noises being heard inside your house which makes them ideal for those who are light sleepers.

In other words, Nicole curtains are an excellent way to keep the outside world’s disturbances and distractions at bay and will help insure that you can enjoy every precious moment inside your home.

The Best Choice for Children’s Rooms

The Nicole thermal insulated curtains are also ideal for protecting children. Their smart design ensures that they don’t attract dust or mites to help keep babies and older children safe from dust exposure and allergies.

Money Saving Insulation

As the name suggests, our thermal insulated curtains are excellent at keeping rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter to help save your hard earned money and reduce electricity bills!

The Idea Choice For Every Home

The Nicole curtains are available in a large variety of sizes and colors to make sure that you can find the perfect curtain to complement your home décor. Furthermore, you can order a single curtain, a pair or however many you need!

Product Information

Product Dimensions 11 x 9 x 1.5 inches
Manufacturer Linen Zone


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